The British are Coming…

Yes, you read that right, Armstrong will be invaded this month by yet more people from over the pond. There’s no need to arm the masses and prepare a front line for battle though because if you haven’t already guessed, it’s my parents, Nigel and Diane, and my younger sister, Laura visiting! I am super excited... Continue Reading →

Star Spangled Armstrong

For a town usually so quiet and peaceful, the July 4th long weekend was an unexpected delight for the Pritchard family. Armstrong managed to pull off Independence Day celebrations with a splendid mix of small-town pride, community spirit, a good dose of alcohol and live music, and of course that extra special helping of American... Continue Reading →

A Time for Reflection…

June! Half way through 2017, and hooray for summer! Things have changed a bit in the Pritchard household recently as I now have a job– and, for the first time since I left university back in 2008… it’s not based in finance! Woohoo! I have finally managed to break out! (Thinking about it, in the... Continue Reading →

Around Armstrong

Small town living has been an interesting life adjustment. In the UK, if we weren't at work we would always be off somewhere or doing something.  Now we are living in a town with a population of under 1000, and as I've previously mentioned, few amenities around,  people back home always ask what on earth... Continue Reading →

Flying Home

Hello again! Well, that vacation went far too quickly! We had a great time visiting all our family and friends back in the UK, it was lovely to be able to tell them all about our adventures so far!  Even though I miss them all terribly, it is nice to be back in the US!... Continue Reading →

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